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The Shinji/Hiyori Fan Community

kicking ass since a century back

Shinji/Hiyori Fan Community
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Welcome to shiyori.
A community dedicated to the romance/friendship of Hirako Shinji & Sarugaki Hiyori, vizards from Bleach manga (from chapters 180+)! Please note that this community will probably contain spoilers regarding the Bleach manga, so don't go joining if you don't wish to be spoiled.

Affiliate: lisayori (Lisa/Hiyori)
Play nice, play safe, play smart. Keep your posts rated. Keep it centered around either Shinji or Hiyori (both is preferable). LJ-CUT IS YOUR FRIEND. Don't bash/flame fellow comm members - that's not cool.

Direct all and any questions/comments to either shyunpo or fat.